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to NAVIGATE nearby customers towards you in REAL TIME or LOCATE products and sellers around you.

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The Best Way To Trade Anywhere At Any Time

You can post your products from virtually anywhere with Spreebie;

be it your college dorm, in a traditional retail store or even relaxing at the beach.


Easy To Use

Spreebie is incredibly easy to use and navigate - a few minutes on the app is enough to fully get it.


The Spreebie app is filled with informative alerts that guide you on how to use it.

Clean, Utilitarian Design

Spreebie has a functional design to emphasize its utility and make the focus the product and the meetup. This way, both sellers and buyers can get the maximum benefit.

Spreebie Offers A Wide Range Of Features

whose fundamental aim is to connect buyers with sellers and products.


Spreebie offers you very accurate turn by turn directions to get you to the product you want no matter where it is located.

Open up you business anywhere

Through Spreebie, sellers can open their business virtually anywhere just by tapping a switch and their products will be immediately visible to customers in that area.



Spreebie provides maps so you can see the physical locations of the customers interested in buying and the locations of sellers around you,

Location Centric

Spreebie is location centric so that you know about all the products that are available in your immediate radius.

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Spreebie Navigates You Towards The Product You Want

The Spreebie service provides excellent navigation services so that buyers and sellers will always get to meet physically.

  • Maps to navigate with walking and driving instructions
  • Time estimations based on mode of travel
  • Measurements settings can be edited based on whether you want miles or kilometers
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Spreebie Push Notifications For Real Time Trading

Spreebie provides push notifications to inform sellers when buyers are interested in their products. The seller is also notified if a customer loses interest in their product before the physical meetup.

A notifications page exists to inform the seller about all interested buyers and their physical whereabouts on a map.

Spreebie exists to make sure that buyers and sellers can always find each other with the intention to trade.


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